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Special Collection

Crowdsourced Psychological Research

Collection launched: 09 Nov 2017

Crowdsourced Psychological Research

Guest Editors:
Randy McCarthy,
Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault, Northern Illinois University
Christopher R. Chartier, Department of Psychology, Ashland University

“Crowdsourcing” involves several researchers who coordinate their resources to achieve research goals that would otherwise be difficult to attain individually. The current Nexus is intended to spur more crowdsourced research projects in psychological science by providing an outlet for the completed research, by assisting authors in developing and executing their crowdsourced research projects, and by demonstrating the flexibility and range of the types of research questions that can be addressed by crowdsourced research methods. We welcome empirical reports via a traditional or Registered Report peer-review process. Theoretical and methodological critiques, empirical re-analyses, and meta-science projects relevant to crowdsourced research also are welcome.

Image credit. (CC BY 2.0)