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The Editorial Office performs a technical check on the manuscript to ensure everything is in order. If everything is OK, the submission is assigned to a Senior Editor.

Initial Review

The Senior Editor decides whether the manuscript gets the thumbs-up for a full review. If yes, it’s assigned to a handling Editor, an expert in the relevant field, who guides it through the peer-review process.


Editors and reviewers consider scientific, methodological, and ethical rigor. If the author opts for open peer review, reviewer comments will be available alongside the published article if accepted. If reviewers sign their reviews, then their identities are public too. But authors and reviewers make these choices.


The handling Editor makes decisions based on the reviewers’ reports and his or her own review of the submission—with guidance provided by the Senior Editor if needed.

If the article is accepted for publication, the Article Processing Charge (APC) is $975 USD. There are no fees for rejected articles. Of this APC, $250 goes to a fund for the research community, and editors and reviewers make decisions on what happens to their share of the fund. Reviewers and editors earn for any and all work they have done on the journal, even work leading to a reject decision. Our APC waiver fund is available to authors on an as-needed basis, and authors should check with the editorial office if they do not have any budget and think they will need their APC waived.


All articles are published with a CC-BY license and authors retain full copyright.

What Authors Get

A review process focused on scientific, methodological and ethical rigor
Peer review coordinated by expert external Editors, with oversight by Senior Editors who help develop the journal with strategy - and policy input
A low Article Processing Charge (APC) of $975, part of which is shared with the research community
Multimedia options in article
Optional open peer review

Copyright retention, and publication under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, ensuring you are properly cited if your work is copied, distributed, or reused
Articles published as and when they are finalized, meaning there's no unnecessary delay in getting your work out to the community
Functionality to comment on, and annotate, articles post publication
Social media widgets to share, export, and track comments on your work
Article-level metrics like number of views, downloads, and shares